We are no longer consumers

We are creators.


Have you ever heard of a show called Hawaii Five-O? Well ... there's a small chance that you may have actually played a part in creating an episode of this show.

In what I believe to be a first of it's kind, the producers of Hawaii Five-O are going to give viewers the opportunity to dictate how they want a certain episode to end. Viewers will tweet one of three options and then CBS will air the chosen option in real-time.

This blows my mind.

How far away are we from consumers completely crafting a show of their own? It would take is a group of willing actors to say, "Hey Twitterverse, we're going to come up with a series of entire episodes for a show where YOU get to dictate what happens!" In a marketer's terms, leave the content delivery to us and we'll leave the content ... to you!! 

I think this calls for a new term. It's no longer crowdsourcing ... it's crowdcreating.