Your Personal Message - #Trust30 Day 10

I think it would be super cool to create an app out of today's challenge. The app would simply serve up a random answer to today's challenge, which will hopefully inspire people to do something, or at the very least invoke some kind of emotion. 

Here is my answer: It's very simple and I've tried to live by this principle for a very long time (it's paid off for me at least twice in the recent past with my iPad2 stories) ...

persistence pays. 

There's a line between persistence and insanity. I believe it was Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. The difference with being persistent is ... hope really. By being persistent you are hoping that at some point the result will change and I am a strong believer that if you try hard enough at something, eventually you will achieve your desired result. 

Keep trying my friends, don't ever stop.