Divine Idea - #Trust30 Day 11

Today's challenge was probably one of the hardest thus far. 

The notion of uniqueness or having original thoughts (or divine ideas) is one I personally find to be extremely challenging to verify. How can you know for sure that you are the only person in the world with such a thought or idea? ... I guess that depends on how you define 'the world.' 

My answer to today's challenge is in a way broken down into two parts. Firstly, I'll be honest and admit that I don't think I necessarily have one single glaring aspect of my life that is not in some way, shape or form an imitation. I think it's extremely hard to find an area where you are completely alone (do not have something or someone to seek as a guide ... or imitate) and once (if) you've found that area, I think it can be very hard to live it. With that said ...

I think in some small way my divine idea has been to create ... when I could have consumed. 

Creation and consumption is like filling a glass with water. Everyday you start with an empty glass ... you fill it with water (consumption) and then it's time for you to create (a mess because water has flowed over the brim of the glass). 

Again, I don't really think this is a 'divine' idea but I believe in it and I try to stick to it everyday. This challenge is certainly helping.