Intuition - #Trust30 Day 24

Today's challenge is by far one of the most interesting yet. This is yet another one where I think everyone should take a minute to read, have a think about ... then share with someone. Intuition is a very cool concept and personifying it is certainly taking it to the next level. 

Here is my idea of what my intuition would look like and tell me: 

He would be an amalgamation of a military man, Garfield the cartoon cat and Sherlock Holmes. Probably dressed like the latter, act like the former and have the whimsical nature of the middle. He would also be a few years older than I am (I like to plan ahead). When we sat down to dinner, he would most likely say the following ...

"Don't ever let what you're doing, get in the way of what you want to do." 

Somewhat non-sensical, somewhat wise and mostly proverbial. Sounds about right. 

Have a look at the challenge and introduce me to your intuition ...