Courage to Connect - #Trust30 Day 23

I am actually not going to answer today's challenge on this post. I think it would be a little lame to write about who you want to connect with, rather than spending the same amount of time actually trying to connect with that person. Instead I am going to pose a simple question: 

Once you do connect with this person, what will you talk about? 

I guess the challenge did ask that in a way, because it asked you to reflect on why you want to meet this person; however, I think you should take it a step further. Sometimes, it can be intimidating meeting someone like that so it may be nice to have a plan. Of course, with that said ... it's even nicer when the plan gets tossed out of the window and the conversation goes where it naturally wants. 

Here's another thought too: Why must we build up courage to talk to one person in particular ... when was the last time you had a small (but meaningful) conversation with a perfect stranger? Doesn't that require some kind of courage? For those of you who've been on an elevator lately ... was the silence extremely awkward? What will it take for you to break it?