Care like Gary Vaynerchuk

A couple of days ago, tragedy hit a few parts of the eastern United States. Superstorm Sandy caused some serious damage to various cities, one of which was New York. 

It's interesting how in times of tragedy, people seem to band together to win the fight against mother nature. New York was a very interesting case because in some parts of the city, there was electricity and warm/running water; however, some parts were not so lucky.

Many citizens started offering up their electricity to those in need and even offered food, water and shelter. Here is a tweet by someone that I truly admire:


Gary V cares. Gary V has a tribe/company (Vaynermedia) and judging by this tweet, they are like family to him. Everyone should find something or someone to care about like Gary V.

Companies, should not use tragedies as excuses to care, almost over-care about their consumers.

What if companies care about their consumers as much as Gary cares about Vaynermedia?

If you're not already, get into the business of caring.