Dare to be bold - #Trust30 Day 7

Although all these challenges are quite personal, today's felt extra personal for some reason. I really think that anyone, regardless of what stage they are at in life, can come up with a response to today's challenge. I invite you to please jot down yours in the comment section below because I am quite curious to see what other people come up with. 

One of my dreams has always been to learn a new language. The underlying reason being simply that I love learning.

A couple of the biggest things holding me back from doing this are: The time commitment and of course ... the actual decision to choose a single language to learn. Do I go for a local language like French (being Canadian) or a dialect of Chinese, or Hindi or Spanish? Sheena Iyengar was most certainly right when she said that too much choice can lead to no action. 

I guess these are just variations of the resistance talking though. Rational thought (when will I ever really need to know how to speak another language, when the world is increasingly trying to better understand English) is clearly getting in the way here. 

Perhaps, just this once... it's time to abandon rational thought.