Post-it Question - #Trust30 Day 4

Forgive me for being a day late on this challenge

I found today's challenge a little exciting because it's something that I'm already doing and now I have a chance to talk about it. Ever since Seth Godin introduced me to the term 'shipping,' I have been fascinated by it and its implications. The concept of shipping to me is something everyone can do in some small way everyday. 

Shipping is a very big part of the reason why I took up this challenge. In order to keep shipping as a constant reminder to myself, I changed the background of my Twitter page a very long time ago. It now asks a very simple question, "What have you shipped today?" 

I think the true challenge here is going to be what happens after #trust30 is over. My hope is that, #trust30 will instill a habit of shipping (even if it's something small). It is certainly inspiring to see people like Seth Godin ship something everyday. It's hard work, but that's what makes it fun. Find your inspiration and keep shipping.