Wholly Strange and New - #Trust30 Day 16

I'm sorry but I am a day late on this challenge; however, I planned this would happen. I'll catch up on the weekend and I will also explain why I am a day late (that post will talk about the magical thing that was ignitewaterloo 6). 

I love today's challenge. For some reason it is something I feel I can completely relate to and there is proof of my being able to relate to it, on this very blog (hint: look below this post, or under 'my projects' on the top right of your screen). 

Here is my answer:

The moment I stopped walking in the path of someone else and started cutting my own was when I decided to start podcasting. For the longest time (after graduating) I wanted to create a forum for people (mostly senior university students) to discuss all things digital marketing, and so naturally I set out to do that by approaching my old school. 

Very sadly, things weren't as easy as I imagined them to be, primarily because I was no longer a student there and it wasn't quite as easy to start things as an alumni. I persisted for many months; however, it was to no avail. Then I realized, why abide to the rules of a school, when I could just create my own forum? 

Hence, the birth of The Digital Marketing Lounge. 

It has easily been the most fun project/hobby I have ever taken up in my life and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. 

Do you have a story like this? Tell me about it below ...