One Trait Every Entrepreneur Must Have

If you're looking for some inspiration ... watch this video. 

If you're into tech in any way shape or form ... watch this video. 

If you like the Matrix and want to see what it would be like if Neo and Morpheus met in real life ... watch this video. 

If you're older than 20 ... watch this video. 

I think you get the idea by now. Watch this video. 

There are a couple of things that amazed me about Brian: 

1. Desire - Many times Brian keeps referring to his intrinsic need to understand why San Francisco and New York were the places to be. What he did when he got to those places was truly nothing short of amazing, I am not going to spoil the story here because I really want you to hear it from him... so watch the video. In summary though, it is truly amazing what you can accomplish (even Kevin Rose was amazed) by simply having the desire to do so. You should always be thirsty for knowledge. 

2. Creating luck - Brian's story is a great example of what happens if you work hard enough to create your own luck. At one point, he describes his entire whirlwind of a journey in the past year or so as, "serendipity." You may consider it oxymoronic, but I believe someone can create serendipitous events. Brian understood the power of networking very early on and that played out much later in his life. His story tells me that if you work hard enough and get to know enough of the right people ... you can create your own luck. 

The main message that I took out of this interview though, was a trait that both Brian and Kevin exhibited. Brian did so by admitting that despite his overwhelming intelligence (skipped 4 grades in grade school and started University at 14) ... there will always be someone in a room smarter than him ... always. Kevin, despite all his success, exhibited this trait by commending Brian on the brilliance of some of his ideas. 

This one trait ... is humility. When you are as successful as either of these two guys, it's so easy to be proud/arrogant/boastful ... but what makes them heroes in my mind, is how humble they are.