In The Not Too Distant Future...

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how YouTube could be the future of television. Well the actions taken by the company in this past week have made it evident that this future may come sooner than we think. I am going to attempt to entertain you now with a hypothetical future scenario and then end this post with some questions worth asking. 

You are a working professional and nothing pleases you more than coming home and spending some time with the family. Tonight happens to be your turn to choose what the family gets to watch! After a nice dinner, you gather the family and sit around the big screen and turn on YouTube (you become slightly nostalgic about the days when there was more than one network on TV). Since it is family night, you scroll over to the 'family' channel and take a look at which show has got the most votes from your friends this week. Turns out it is a show called 'Modernized Family.' You have never seen it but your good friend Steve left a comment that your family will love the show, so you decide to watch it. Twenty minutes into the show it's commercial time and you know this is the kids' favourite time because they get to pick which ads they want to watch! Twenty minutes later the show ends and you make sure to recommend it to more of your friends. 

About an hour after that the kids go to bed and now your spouse decides to turn on YouTube again. John Mayer happens to be playing an intimate acoustic set at Eddie's Attic and they are streaming the show live on YouTube. For old times sake, you decide to watch it with your spouse. 

Now here are two simple questions: 1. Is this future entirely impossible? If not ... 2. When will it cease to be the future and become the present?