What Ignites You?

The fear of public speaking (glassophobia) is one of the most common fears among human beings. Passion can beat fear. A few days ago, I wrote a post about finding your passion. Ignite is about overcoming that fear and sharing your passion. 

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending an Ignite workshop in my local city of Waterloo and it truly was an inspirational evening. A room full of passionate people, regardless of what they are passionate about, can certainly make for an enlightening evening. The true beauty of an Ignite event (although I have never attended one yet but I can imagine based on my experience tonight) ... is the people. Everyone who attends - regardless of whether they are speaking or not - is sure to be inspirational in some way. From what I learned tonight, here is why you should give an Ignite talk: 

1. You have a story to share - You may just need to be given a chance to share it. 

2. People want to hear it - The Ignite audience is not only willing to hear your story, but revel in it. 

3. You may run into another you - By exposing your passion, you open yourself up to a tribe of other people who may be as passionate as you. Ignite is your chance to meet them. 

It's time people heard what you have to say... so ask yourself... what ignites you? Once you've found the answer, then stand up and share it.