The Power of Purpose

Tonight was the first Board of Trustees meeting for the KWAwesome Foundation. If you haven't heard about this foundation in particular or any other Awesome Foundation... you should check them out (I've also written about them in the past). The simplicity behind any Awesome Foundation is why I think it should be adopted by every community in the world. 

Apart from being a truly amazing night, meeting great people from all walks of life... tonight made me realize something quite simple.. the power of purpose. Try and recall a time in your life where you banded together with a group of people (perhaps strangers... perhaps friends) and did something with a clear and simple purpose. How did you feel? Were you able to enjoy the journey as much as you enjoyed the outcome? Are you surprised how vivid the memory is in your mind? This is the power of purpose. 

Tonight I met a group of strangers, but the beautiful thing was how the overt purpose of us coming together was powerful enough to break the barrier of unfamiliarity between us. It is tremendously exciting to imagine what a group of motivated people with a clear purpose will be capable of doing. 

What examples have you seen that illuminate the power of purpose?