Find Your Passion

Today marked the end of the 2011 Cricket World Cup. A tournament that lasted for just a little over one and a half months. It came down to two magnificent cricketing nations in the final... India and Sri Lanka (my home country). 

To my dismay, but to the delight of over a billion people... India was victorious. It was truly one of the most thrilling cricket matches I have seen in a very long time. Both sides played phenomenally well, but to quote the Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara, "The better team won." 

India and Sri Lanka are two nations (among a few) that live and breathe cricket. Cricket is to those nations as hockey is to Canada, as rugby is to New Zealand, as the New York Jets are to Gary Vaynerchuk... you get the point. When you find something you are extremely passionate about, it consumes you and becomes embedded in the very core of your existence. It can propel you to do things that you would have never considered otherwise and sometimes may even defy any kind of logic. Have you ever seen someone who is truly brilliant at what they do and yet, ask for no (real) money for it? or better yet, they give their art away for free? They do for the sake of doing and not for the sake of receiving? 

These are passionate people. Find your passion