The Value of Attention

This past week, Newsonomics published a great article about Seth Godin's Six Lessons for News Publishers. It was a truly fantastic read, especially if you are in or considering getting into publishing but it even contained (as Seth's posts always do) valuable lessons for marketers. 

There was one lesson I was particularly drawn to because of its extreme relevance to the modern marketer: In describing Domino, Godin says, “The only asset we care about is attention.” You’ve got to ask, he says, “What are you doing with the attention you have?” 

Here are 2 key take-aways from that question: 

1. Get to the point - Your content needs to be short enough to read and valuable enough to share. For great examples of posts that get to the point check out: Seth's blog, Mashable, Newser and one of my recent favourites.. Gapingvoid

2. You don't have much time - People are being exposed to a rapidly increasing amount of content every single day, why should yours matter so much? Having someone's attention even for a few minutes is extremely valuable. Get to the point and get to it fast.