Magical Service

At Macy's ... Magic stands for:

  • M...eet and make a connection
  • questions and listen
  • G....ive options and give advice
  • I.... nspire to buy
  • C....elebrate the purchase

This is part of the company's new plan to train sales staff on the importance of good customer service interactions. This idea is in itself... magical

Almost anyone in an organization is in the customer service business, the only difference may be whether they serve internal or external customers. The beauty of this is that we can all learn something from the wonderful acronym that Macy's is using. My favourite parts of the acronym are 'A' and 'G'. 

'A' - Ask questions and listen. When was the last time you asked a question with the intent of listening and following up with another question? Canadians are pretty well known for this. Here is a standard Canadian interaction:

Heyyy, how's it going? Good.. you? Good. That's good. (end)

This is great because at the very least you are asking a question. Here is how the interaction would change if you listened and followed up:

Heyy, how's it going? Good, you? Good. That's good... so why are things good with you? (continue talking) 

It's a pretty simple addition and it really doesn't take a lot of effort on the part of the parties involved; however, it may lead to a much greater interaction. Try it next time you find yourself asking someone this question and see how it goes. 

'G' - Give options and advice - Have you ever had a service interaction where the customer service employee actually promotes a competitor because he or she feels the competition would serve your need better? Even if you haven't experienced this, think about it for a second and think about how that would make you feel... That employee just put your needs way ahead of their own... that is true customer service. A smart customer can always tell when they are being given sound advice, and nowadays the good old Internet has given rise to an entire legion of smart customers. Giving options and advice is important but giving honest and selfless options and advice is even more important. 

So since we are all in the business of customer service, what will you do to make your next interaction ... magical