Important Conversations - Videos from the Web 2.0 Summit

Source: Google ImagesThe Web 2.0 Summit is probably one of the most important events of the year for anyone in the high-tech or digital industry. To take a direct quote from the Web 2.0 Summit website:

"The Web 2.0 Summit is the only place, once a year, where leaders of the Internet Economy gather to debate and determine business strategy."

It is a truly fascinating event, hosted by John Battelle and Tim O'Rielly. For the sake of everyone who could not attend the event, the Summit organizers posted most of the conversations/speakers they had on YouTube. Below I have listed a few of the conversations that I personally found extremely interesting (though in all honesty they were all probably very interesting). What I would like you to do is watch a video (or all of them) and post a tweet (button below) to your followers explaining why you think it's important. Please enjoy and share these with others! 

A Conversation with Yuri Milner Founder and CEO of Digital Sky Technologies, Investor

A Conversation with Eric Schmidt. CEO of Google

Managing Hypergrowth - Susan Lyne (CEO of Gilt Groupe) and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos)

John Donovan CTO of AT&T on Mobile Networks.  - CTO of AT&T

A Conversation with Carol Bartz - CEO of Yahoo!

A Conversation with Jeff Weiner - CEO of LinkedIn

A Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg.  - Founder and CEO of Facebook

A Conversation with Jim Balsille Co-CEO of RIM

A Conversation with Shantanu Narayen - CEO of Adobe Systems

Mary Meeker, "Internet Trends" - Analyst at Morgan Stanley

Susan Wojcicki, "The Perfect Ad - VP of Product Management at Google

Point of Control: Consumer Platforms - Nikesh Arora (President of Global Sales Operations and Business Development at Google), John Hayes (CMO at American Express) and Yusuf Mehdi (Senior VP of Online Audience Business at Microsoft)

A Conversation with Evan Williams - Former CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter

Point of Control: Location Based Services - Matt Galligan (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SimpleGeo), Cyriac Roeding (Co-Founder and CEO of Shopkick) and Jeremy Stoppelman (Co-Founder and CEO of Yelp)

Point of Control: Commerce - Keith Rabois (GM at Square), Michael Rubin (CEO of GSI Commerce) and Scott Thompson (President of PayPal Inc.)

A Conversation with Robin Li - Co-Founder and CEO of Baidu Inc. 

Point of Control: Education - Ted Mitchell (NewSchools Venture Fund), Diana Rhoten (Startl), Davis Guggenheim (Waiting for Superman) and John Heilemann (New York Magazine)