10 Interesting Things that happened in October

1. Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher’s long awaited movie, 'The Social Network' topped the national box office on its opening weekend.
- A great review of this movie noted: the most groundbreaking part was the fact that Zuckaberg did not need permission to build "The Facebook."

2. Google launched "Google Instant"
- We'll have to wait and see how exactly this affects search behaviour and ultimately... ad revenue.

3. GAP had some logo issues.
- A publicity stunt or a social media reaction to remember? You choose.

4. Ford was named Advertising Age's Marketer of the Year.
- One of the only automotive manufacturers to not accept bailout money. Marketing in a recession works.

5. Google launched a new platform called Google TV.
- Perhaps the Christmas season will ultimately decide the winner in this arena, but Boxee, Roku and Apple have to watch out now.

6. RIM announced (not launched) the BlackBerry Playbook.
- Specifically targeting the enterprise market, but iPads are also being quickly adopted there... stay tuned.

7. Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7.
- Apparently the Company is also giving each employee a device... that would amount to over 80,000 devices. Could this product be Microsoft's comeback?

8. Apple announces an upgrade to the existing MacBook Air line.
- What will people choose... iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or a MacBook Air? They are similarly different.

9. Zynga became more valuable than Electronic Arts.
- This is serious. A signal of true social disruption and perhaps a fundamental change in the business model of gaming.

10. MySpace decided to change things up.
- They have now put themselves in a new category called "Social Entertainment." We'll let the users decide.