A Remote Landing Page

I love a good landing page. I've written about this before but forgive me, I really love a good landing page. Here's one I came across recently for a new book by the great folks over at 37signals.


Let's break this bad boy down:

  1. Clear header: Tells you when, tells you what and gives you a bit of reference (REWORK is a great book by the way).
  2. Relevant image: The book cover. What else would make sense here? Nothing, this is a landing page for a new book.
  3. Compelling copy: A sweet a succinct summary.
  4. The call to action: When you come to this page you have two options. Leave or give these folks your email address. Humans are more likely to choose when there are fewer options. It's science.
  5. The white space: A lovely design touch to keep your eyes on the prize (points 1-4).

Brilliant by 37signals. Check it out for yourself.

p.s. It would be interesting if they decided to make a book trailer (all the rage these days) and A/B test that versus the image to see if they get more email sign ups.