Sheep Marketing

Is the new guerrilla marketing. 

In order to promote this, Zynga did this. What a truly brilliant way to cause a bit of a commotion, disrupt the pattern of everyday life and ultimately garner some serious attention for the brand. This is marketing at its very best. 

If you're thinking about running some kind of sheep marketing campaign for your brand, here is what Zynga's demonstration can teach you:

1. Go for the eyeballs - Zynga picked New York and London for a reason. What is the nearest big city to your brand? If you are in a smaller city then where can you go to garner the most attention? Find that place and be there. More eyeballs allow for more puzzled looks, which allows for more questions, which allows for a chance to win a new customer. 

2. Direct traffic - Regardless of where people see your campaign (whether they are witnesses on the street, or viewers online) any traffic you get should be directed to a specific place. In this case, FarmVille's Facebook page. This means, having one location where everyone can go and enjoy the experience. One unique call to action. This will help track the success of your campaign too. 

3. Hire some sheep - Translation... be outrageous. In the words of Seth Godin, be that Purple Cow. You have to be remarkable or else people are not going to take notice and your campaign would be for nothing. How can you disrupt the flow of everyday life? What can you do to make people start asking questions? Try hiring some sheep. 

Not only does Zynga's campaign contain some valuable lessons for marketers but it is also a sign that the digital world is beginning to permeate the physical. FarmVille can only be played online, yet Zynga chose a very (probably one of the most) traditional mediums of advertising to promote its new extension. Just another sign that traditional marketing will not die, it will just become further rooted in digital.