10 Interesting Things that Happened in November

1. Facebook launched a new messaging service - Will this potentially change the way millennials communicate?

2. Myspace redesigns itself around 'social entertainment' - Is it too late? Or will this move make Myspace relevant again?

3. Zynga wants the world to be 'Dog Activated' - How much will social gaming extend beyond the Internet?

4. Alex Bogusky talks about 'the empowered consumer' - A fundamental power shift, in our favour. 

5. Facebook launches a mobile platform called 'Deals' - 500 million reasons why it could succeed. 

6. Conan returns - He's back in his true form. Long live Conaw. 

7. Samsung launches the Galaxy Tab in North America - A big threat to the iPad? You tell me. 

8. Microsoft launches the Kinect - Which recently overtook the iPad as the fastest selling consumer device ever, well done. 

9. Google launches a marketing experiment - Another step in online interaction, offline. 

10. Qwiki releases alpha invites - If you haven't tried this already, do so. It may change search.