Enthusiasm - #Trust30 Day 22

Today's challenge was quite exciting. I am a very enthusiastic person by nature so you can imagine that I was able to relate well to the challenge.

I could not agree more with Emerson's statement that "nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." I believe that it's quite hard to fake enthusiasm, so with that said, here's my response:

In order to be genuinely enthused about something you have to be intrinsically motivated to do it. Plain and simple. That's all it comes down to for me. If you are tempted by the dangling carrot that is an extrinsic motivator, then it becomes hard to justify working when that motivator is taken away.

You may argue that your job has no intrinsic motivators... So basically you're saying that it is very hard for you to be passionate about what you do. To that I say 2 things: 1. False. 2. There are people out there who have seemingly more mundane jobs than you do and are far more passionate.

Find something to motivate you about your job (other than money). Something that will make you want to stay late or work weekends for no extra pay. It doesn't have to be your entire job (ideally it would be) but maybe just a small part of it. Find it, if you look hard enough you will.

Let me know how it goes, good luck.

Speak Less - #Trust30 Day 20

Today's challenge in some ways echoed some previous challenges and I guess the entire #trust30 project in and of itself can be seen as an answer to today's challenge. 

However, I have a very specfic answer for today's challenge. 

The one project I have been wanting to do for a while is mobile podcasting. I still do not possess all the tools I need to make this project possible (I have an iPad but all I am lacking is a good mic); however, once I do ... I intend to get started. 

If and when I actually go for it, my intention would be to capture as many interesting conversations as possible and make them available to as many people as I can. I am fortunate enough to live in a very exciting community, filled with some truly wonderful people. I have no doubt that once I am all set up (with my tools), I will be able to record an interesting conversation at least once a week with someone from my community. I also intend to keep my regular podcast (The Digital Marketing Lounge) going; however, I enjoy podcasting so much that I would like to take it to the next level by leaving the comfort of my own 'studio.' 

When I do embark on this project, I will be sure to let you know. 

Do you have a special project you've always wanted to get started? Tell me about it ... 

Facing (and Fearing) #Trust30 Day 19

Today's challenge paints a picture about a situation we know is inevitable; however, it is one that we hope never comes. 

Here is my answer if it does: 

Despite my inevitable disappointment, I would embrace the failure. I would break down the entire sequence of events that lead to the failure to find out how I could prevent it in the future. The only way I could turn it into a positive experience is if I choose to accept it and move on to become stronger because of it. 

I believe that the true feeling of appreciation for failure will only happen the next time you are faced with a similar situation ... and get a different outcome. 

Dreams - #Trust30 Day 18

Today's challenge was certainly a lot of fun and I think everyone can easily try it out. 

Here are my answers (although, keep in mind that I strongly believe a person's dreams can change throughout their life): 

1. Learn to surf - Currently, the fact that I am no where near any waves is what's stopping me, perhaps a vacation will change that. 

2. Construct and teach my own course - Currently, I have not acquired enough subject knowledge to be able to do this. Although I do have a few areas of interest that I would like to pursue. 

3. Learn a new language, then visit a country that speaks it to test myself - It's the resistance that's primarily holding me back on this one. 

What are your answers?

Invent The Future - #Trust30 Day 17

Today's challenge can certainly inspire someone to write. Perhaps write a very long story, or perhaps write a very short statement. Either way, it's inspiring. 

By stating that someone can invent their future, there is an inherent propensity toward action. Your future will happen to you regardless of what you do; however, if you take the view that you can invent it ... then perhaps you can (in some way) control what happens, rather than just let happen.

I am going to take the extremely long term view of this question by providing the following (very simplistic) answer: In my future, I plan on enabling others to become the best version of themselves in certain areas of their lives. I state this as a very long term goal, because I feel I still have to become that, in order to be able to impart my own wisdom on to others. 

Wholly Strange and New - #Trust30 Day 16

I'm sorry but I am a day late on this challenge; however, I planned this would happen. I'll catch up on the weekend and I will also explain why I am a day late (that post will talk about the magical thing that was ignitewaterloo 6). 

I love today's challenge. For some reason it is something I feel I can completely relate to and there is proof of my being able to relate to it, on this very blog (hint: look below this post, or under 'my projects' on the top right of your screen). 

Here is my answer:

The moment I stopped walking in the path of someone else and started cutting my own was when I decided to start podcasting. For the longest time (after graduating) I wanted to create a forum for people (mostly senior university students) to discuss all things digital marketing, and so naturally I set out to do that by approaching my old school. 

Very sadly, things weren't as easy as I imagined them to be, primarily because I was no longer a student there and it wasn't quite as easy to start things as an alumni. I persisted for many months; however, it was to no avail. Then I realized, why abide to the rules of a school, when I could just create my own forum? 

Hence, the birth of The Digital Marketing Lounge. 

It has easily been the most fun project/hobby I have ever taken up in my life and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. 

Do you have a story like this? Tell me about it below ... 


One Thing - #Trust30 Day 15

Today's challenge is fairly timely. 

There is a very specific answer I have in mind and it is one that will take place with immediate effect. 

Tomorrow is the 6th installment of Ignite Waterloo, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as a speaker. 

I have been preparing for tomorrow's event for a couple of days so here is my goal: Deliver a memorable talk

I know for a fact that almost 100% of the people who attend tomorrow will forget nearly 99% of what I say ... I just want them to go home remembering 1%. 

How do I plan to do it? Simple: practice and execute

I'll will share my story once I have it and I probably won't be able to write up tomorrow's challenge because I will be too focused on completing today's.